Nathaniel Ru on His Food Business

Nathaniel Ru joined his two college friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman after graduation wondering the direction their lives would take. Little did the three friends know that eight years down the line they would be in control of America’s best start-ups. The startup firm received donations from forty American friends and relatives. The Washington-based health farm has up to 31 branches nationwide and is set to add nine additional stores when the year ends. The management has completed additional three rounds of ventures worth $95 million. Peter Elliot from Bloomberg Reserve interviewed the co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Sweetgreen in his Washington office and while editing and condensing the comments.

In the interview, the three friends explain how they were students seeking better food from campus thereby generating an excellent idea. The three friends being sons of successful entrepreneurs did not want to be employees of standard organizations. As they approached the graduation date, the three friends did not desire to wake up every morning having to go to work for someone else. Nathaniel’s parents, as well as Jonathan and Rita Jammet’s, were in the food business. According to the three, they wanted to be self-employed; hence their food exploration in Georgetown.

Looking back, Nathaniel and his friends cultivated the virtue of discipline immediately they identified their niche. They developed a structured business plan of salad and traditional meals. Although the salad options were unhealthy and most popular brands were not nutritious, Nathaniel and his team still refer to their initial business plan because it helped them raise money. The pitch is still on, and they have additional ideas to better it because they are selling more than a leaf of lettuce. Nathaniel explains their set of values on running their business right, sustainably, and serving healthy food while treating clients’ right in the stores, communities and the firms they work with.

Their pioneer investors include Danny Meyer, a close family friend and Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL and current Baker of VC firm Revolution. Steve Case is also a graduate of Georgetown. Nathaniel and his two friends poached great investors although he says in the interview that they had opportunities unlike other students in college.

About Nathaniel Ru
Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of the American based Sweetgreen restaurant. He graduated from Georgetown University before merging with Jonathan and Nicolas to establish Sweetgreen University. Nathaniel Ru advises young entrepreneurs to read and invest in small businesses.

Securus Technologies on Humanitarian Causes

Securus Technologies, a prison technology company that provides civil and criminal justice technologies and services for public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies, has recently announced that it will provide free calling services in Louisiana to inmates due to a recent flood.


There are many businesses in the prison phone industry. But Securus Technologies has just left a prominent mark, motivated by empathy and humanitarian causes, in order to help the prisoners from Louisiana and their families. According to Richard Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, the flooding in Louisiana is one of the most catastrophic natural disasters that have occurred in the United States. And every single individual, whether free or in jail, in this state is currently in distress and preoccupied. Connecting inmates to their love ones is what Securus Technologies does best. Such service is at the core of the company’s values.


Smith empathizes with the inmates and their love ones. Smith says that he and his teammates will, if necessary, take extraordinary measures in order to make sure that communications at jails are maintained. Securus Technologies joined the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections in order to start the free service. Every single inmate in this state will be able to make a free call a day. The calls too will be available seven days a week as well, and the program will last for one week. At least 250,000 calls will be connected within such period, and the free calls in total have worth of at least $300,000. Also, Securus Technologies has donated more than $40,000 so the program can be extended.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas and was founded in 1986. The company has offices in Texas and in Georgia. Securus Technologies is one of the most prominent businesses of its kind in the United States. Securus Technologies is also known for its innovative, practical, and outstanding products and services that serve from corrections agencies to conventional private businesses. Currently, Securus Technologies has more than 3,000 costumers and serves millions of inmates in the United States.


Sam Tabar’s Career Up Till Now

Sam Tabar is a stellar example of a professional in the fund management industry. The New-York based attorney and capital strategist has earned an excellent reputation in the management industry. Through his proficiency in legal matters, fundraising, and business development, Sam Tabar has been able to create a distinguished career in the competitive business world. Mr. Tabar holds a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence as well as a master’s degree in law from Columbia University. Tabar was an editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal.

After graduating, Mr. Tabar started his career as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom and later worked for Schulte, Roth & Zabel law firm. At Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates, Tabar handled the firm’s corporate legal matters for almost five years. His career advanced and became the Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA), a leading independent fund in Asia Pacific. His duty was to oversee all features of the company’s marketing effort.

Another important position Mr. Tabar held was with PMA Investment Advisors LTD situated in Hong Kong. At PMA, Tabar led the Asset Raising Team and assisted in creating asset raising policies that were very invaluable for the company. He then worked for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) as the Head of Capital Strategy. For almost two years at Merrill Lynch, Sam worked to find investors, introduce fund managers to the hedge fund industry and raise capital for the company.

Throughout his career, Sam has focused on hedge fund management which makes his skills and knowledge in hedge fund management incomparable. His experience in the industry saw him work for FullCycle Energy Fund as its Chief Operating Officer. He handles capital raising initiatives and also operational, tax and legal matters.

Sam Tabar also undertakes his trade in the hedge fund industry as a capital strategist. He has made a major investment in THINX, a company whose mission is to empower women in Africa and Asian countries. Sam Tabar also writes and speaks fluent French as well as Japanese. He enjoys hosting events and traveling around the world whenever he is not working.

Andy Wirth And Mother Nature Comes To Rescue The Iconic Olympic Valley

For Andy Wirth and locals of Olympic Valley, past years posed a lot of challenges. As the CEO of one of the most iconic firms in the area, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC, Andy Wirth was worried over the incorporation efforts by a private group of investors. Besides, he understood that the success of such incorporation efforts would lead to financial struggles for locals as they will be unable to share their resources with other communities on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and also pay higher taxes on basic necessities on wikipedia. As for locals in the area, the uncertain fate of the legal battle over Olympic Valley meant that they had to wait for the development as investors were not keen to invest in an area of uncertainty. In addition to the legal battle, residents were not able to sustain their regular income in the past years due to drought-like conditions in the area. The drought meant that the number of visitors to the area had decreased substantially.

As reported by Reno-Gazette Journal, there is good news for locals as the area experienced plenty of early Winter snow and the private group has also withdrawn its appeal to incorporate the Valley. For local businessmen, it means that visitors will be back, which will also be followed by investors who are keen to develop the paradise.

It is true that Mother Nature can take full credit of the weather recovery; however, it is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, Andy Wirth, who is responsible for stopping private group from incorporating the Valley. In fact, Andy has spent thousands of dollars in winning the legal battle. He is already well-known in the area due to his involvement in numerous development, environmental and charity projects.

According to Andy, incorporation of the town is a recipe for financial disaster because struggling local businesses cannot cope with such debacles. He claimed that incorporation would lead to higher taxes and reduce quality of basic services such as snow plowing and road maintenance. Besides, residents of Olympic Valley Incorporation would not be able to pool their resources with other communities on the North Shore of the Lake. Overall, Andy is optimistic of the future of Olympic Valley as two of its most grave concerns are finally over.

The Manse On Marsh: For That Home Away From Home

The most important thing that a person can have in their life is good food, comfortable shelter and a loving family to make it a real home. These are the qualities that The Manse On Marsh offers to their live-in guests. The establishment has that type of quality that gives you the feeling of being at a home and not a facility.

To be quite honest, that’s what we’re all looking for when it comes to taking care of our older loved ones. The staff at The Manse On Marsh greets you with a kind hearted and genuine feeling of being welcome. The entire atmosphere of the establishment carries that same tone. When there is no other option but to seek assistance with the care of your family, this place is a great choice.

You can find it in the heart of the San Luis Obispo area where there are plenty of options for entertainment and dining as well. The dining experience at their facility isn’t lacking either. They have great meals daily and the dining area feels more like an upscale restaurant. You’ll be thankful for the spotless level of cleanliness as well.

For an assisted living facility to have so many amenities is a real find. Anybody who’s been on the search for a place where their older family members will feel welcomed and right at home should really look into this place. If you are close to the San Luis Obispo area, you owe it to yourself to give it a tour. You’ll see the difference that I’m talking about, it’s also evident from real testimonials.

They have a very well kept courtyard area as well. You’ll find folks outside practicing yoga and other activities that give the place a real sense of uniqueness. If you’re more of the indoor type, they have a great place to watch films and other indoor activities for entertainment. The whole place just gives you a safe and secure feeling that is more than welcome for anyone entering their golden years of life.

You will not regret giving this place a look.  Contact them online, or you can even read online reviews to get a feel for the property.

How Norka Luque Turned Her Backup Plan Into a Career

When children are growing up their parents will often tell them to get an alternative plan in mind. Children that want to play professional sports are encouraged to go to college and still get the education in the event that things do not work out. The odds of becoming a professional singer appear to be even greater and Norka seemed to know this. She has been singing since she was a child, but she grew up knowing that singing was her backup plan not the primary choice of a career.

Norka Luque went to college and studied vigorously, but she didn’t study to be a music major. She studied culinary arts. Norka also dabbled in other areas that allowed her to gain skills in marketing. She would sing with a band while all of this was happening. This again shows that music was more of a side gig that she was not going to throw all of her time into. A funny thing would happen along the way though. It was during her time with her band, Bad Moon Rising, that she crafted her ability to lead songs and build up her a level of great intensity for developing herself as an artist.

Luque was discovered by Emilio Estefan, and it would be during this time that she would allow her career choices in life to be rearranged. She didn’t worry as much about what she may possibly do with her degrees in culinary arts or marketing anymore. Norka didn’t have to. According to Latino Show Magazine, once she was discovered by Estefan she saw a gateway into a world that was previously as far away as another planet in her mind. Her backup plan to sing was now quickly becoming her career path.

For some people all that it takes is one big hit to get the necessary exposure. “Milagro” would be that hit for Norka. She has exploded on the urban, dance and salsa charts and she is just getting her feet wet. This is a long way from a simpler life as someone that earned a degree in culinary arts, but Norka appears to be ready for it. She is having the time of her life promoting her videos and songs. Norka is working on an album, and she still has the same great inspiration that has driven another artist that Emilio Estefan help take to the top. This artist was Gloria Estefan.

Visit Norka Luque’s website for more information. She is also on Twitter @norkaluque.

The Master of Startups Is Eric Pulier

Many people have tried to cash in on the tech startup craze. However, most of these people end up failing and losing a great deal of money in the process. There have been many articles that have been written about the secret to starting a successful startup business. Unfortunately, there is not one proven formula to accomplishing this task. However, a man by the name of Eric Pulier seems to have solved this puzzle. He has managed to launch an impressive number of tech startup companies in a very short period of time. Needless to say, many people want to know how he is able to do it so easily.

The funny thing is that Pulier showed no interest whatsoever in technology when he was a child. He was also indifferent to the tech world throughout college. He used computers like everyone else. However, he never dreamed at that point that he would one day be making his living in the tech industry. Pulier has stated in numerous interviews that being in the right place at the right time usually determines whether or not a person will be successful in life. History shows many examples of this. He believes that he was born at the perfect time to take advantage of the technology boom. He has also stated that his life would be completely different now if he was born five years earlier or later than he was.

Pulier had his sights set on a career teaching English literature after earning a bachelor’s degree from Harvard in this subject. He did not realize at that point that he was about to embark on an amazing journey in the technology field. He got interested in startups when he went to a technology conference with a friend. He found some of the lectures very interesting. He decided that he wanted to try his hand at starting his own tech company. Pulier would go on to become very famous for being one of the people who started the Santa Monica-based company called ServiceMesh. The company is involved in the cloud computing industry. He has many other startups to his credit.

Additional Sources:

Eric Pulier: The importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community

Riding The Greyhound, Writing The Diaries

America was built from struggles. Yet, the struggling are those that are forgotten. These are the types of people who have a rich spirit and a humanity that is often missing. There are a lot of stories that would break hearts as well as bring hope. These types of people travel the Greyhound bus for all kinds of reasons. Among the common reasons for people to ride the Greyhound bus is to start over. They want to make sure that their lives change for the better. A lot of these stories are put in The Greyhound Diaries, a compilation of stories written by Doug Levitt.

Doug Levitt is a singer/songwriter who has taken an interest in the stories of the struggling. He has gone on rides on the Greyhound buses for 10 years in order to gather stories of people that are struggling. He has also collected pictures in order to help with the project that he is planning. A lot of those stories has become songs as well. Doug’s care for the people that are struggling from all walks of life is going to bring inspiration to others and perhaps open the eyes of people to those that are down on their luck and trying to turn it around.

One of the issues that people face being on the bottom rung of society is that they are often made invisible and stigmatized. A lot of people who have less are often looked at with suspicion. As a result, they are left alienated from the rest of the world. Doug’s stories not only serves to reconnect people, but also show a sort of humanity among the downtrodden that is often missing in high society. There are the same needs among people of all walks of life. The need to belong, and the need to be validated.

Additional Sources:

The Adept IT Executive, John Goullet

Mr.John Goullet is an IT entrepreneur who has seen the rise of many successful IT ventures. He began his career as an IT consultant before opting for IT staffing. With a clear IT vision of the emerging market trends, John founded his first company known as Info Technologies. The company majored in IT staffing with their market focusing on offering solutions to over 500 companies nationwide. In a span of five years, the privately owned firm grew to $30 Million, ranking it as number 8 on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing private companies in the US. In the year 2010, Mr. Gene and John merged Diversant Inc and Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC. Currently, John is the Principal of the company, his position in the firm enables him to continue with his passion for developing new strategies that meet the challenges faced by the evolving IT market.

About Diversant LLC
The firm is a fully certified minority-owned business enterprise located in the U.S. They offer a broad range of diversified products, including direct hire, innovative diversity solutions and IT staff augmentation. The company’s services and products are based on best in class methodologies which are aimed at meeting the client’s needs. By engaging their customers as real business partners and implementing a consultative approach, the company has been able to solve critical issues which others haven’t. At Diversant LLC, diversity is taken very seriously as it leads to greater opportunities for both the partners and consultants.

Why Diversity Is Important At Diversant LLC
John Goullet and Gene believe in diversity in all its ways, and they strive to promote this belief throughout the American workplaces. Research shows that diversity fosters innovation and leads to less time-consuming ways of problem-solving and encourages creative thinking. It has also been known to connect firms to different markets and simultaneously build stronger ties between local communities. To those companies who know how to utilize diversity, it has been discovered that it’s a competitive business advantage to those who understand how to leverage these strengths. It’s for this reason that Diversant LLC has been able to offer programs that promote diversity in the supply chain for talent acquisition and in the workplaces.

Reuters Reports about James Dondero’s Stake in Pendrell Corporation

On August 9, 2016, Reuters, a top global media agency with specialization in financial market data reported about HCM’s President and Co-Founder, James Dondero’s 11 percent passive stake in Pendrell Corporation. The information was revealed through Pendrell’s recent 13G filing with the SEC.

Currently, Dondero’s Dallas-based firm, HCM, owns 23.57 million Class A shares of the Pendrell Corporation. In the previous 13F filing reported for the end of March, Highland Capital Management held 45.61 million shares. As at the end of March, Highland Capital was the owner of the largest stake in the Pendrell before nearly halving its shares.

Pendrell Corporation

The Pendrell Corporation collaborates with premier companies to boost innovation and enhance the commercialization of Intellectual property on reasonable as well as fair terms. As so, it has active intellectual property licensing platforms or programs, which represent about 1,200 patents specializing in smartphones, tablets and other electronics. It acquires, invests in as well as develops companies that boast of unique technologies, which are protected by IP rights.

James Dondero

James Dondero notably serves as the President and Co-founder of the Highland Management Capital, a Dallas-based firm that has about $19billion worth of assets under its management. By virtual of being a leader at Highland Management Capital, he oversees various operations, developments and recruitment. In the past, he was mainly involved in the welcoming of a new President of Institutional Products for HCM, Terry Jones. Further, Dondero has aided the creation of various HCM’s product offerings such as mutual funds, separate accounts, ETFs, hedge funds as well as distressed and special situations private equity.

Boasting of about 30 years of experience spanning in the credit and equity sector or markets, Dondero has been an instrumental figure at HCM. Due to his reputation, academic qualifications and level of experience, Dondero is an industry expert who attracts the attention of numerous companies. As so, he currently serves as a member of the board of directors for various companies including the Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, CCS Medical, American Banknote Corporation, and NexBank. Philanthropic wise, Dondero supports initiatives in different areas such as veteran affairs and education. The following link: indicates Dondero’s involvement with the Pendrell Corporation.